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DTD 406B Deicing Fluid for Your Cirrus

DTD 406B Deicing Fluid for “weeping wings” on Cirrus aircrafts
(Commonly known as TKS™ Fluid -- Kilfrost put the 'K' in TKS™)



DTD 406B aircraft in-flight ice protection fluid protects YOU and YOUR Cirrus SR20, SR22, (G2, G3, G5, GTS) or Vision SF50 from in-flight freezing by distributing ice protection fluids through porous metal structures that form the leading edge of the wings and rear horizontal and vertical stabilizers. With 8-gallon holding capacity (4 per side) you can enjoy 2.5 hours of endurance.

Designed for use according to (POH) in ice protection systems or “weeping wings”, the deicing fluid meets DTD-406B standards and is made from an ethylene glycol based formula that effectively removes ice from engine inlet, cowl, flight controls, antennas, wing, tail, propeller, rudder, windshield and everything in the prop wash area and behind the weeping panels.  It is also recommended for removing hoar frost, light snow/ice and frozen deposits from parked aircraft.   Available in small (2.5 or 5-gal) and big (55, 275 and 330 gallon packaging) and ships same day, year round!

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FLIGHT DECK - Military Specification Info

Military Specification Aircraft Cleaner
MIL-C 855706 TYPE II

General Information

FLIGHT DECK meets the following requirements specified by MIL-C 855706 Type II and meets the performance specifications of MIL PRF 85570 Type II. FLIGHT DECK is a concentrated, nontoxic, water based cleaner that thoroughly cleans, FLIGHT DECK has an approved pH that will not streak with proper rinsing. Safe on painted and unpainted surfaces.

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Need a Super Degreaser?

Super Degreaser #1 is an extremely effective non-caustic proprietary liquid cleaner/degreaser designed for a broad range of applications with special emphasis on  extreme oil and grease contamination. Super Degreaser #1 is very effective in  cleaning oil soiled concrete, engines, offshore rig/platform cleaning and harbor   maintenance. Super Degreaser #1 will not harm painted surfaces, and it is safe to  use on any surface not harmed by water.

Super Degreaser #1 is biodegradable, non-toxic, nonflammable, and leaves no residue after rinsing.