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Military Specification Aircraft Cleaner

General Information

FLIGHT DECK meets the following requirements specified by MIL-C 85570D Type II and meets the performance specifications of MIL PRF 85570 Type II. FLIGHT DECK is a concentrated, nontoxic, water based cleaner that thoroughly cleans, FLIGHT DECK has an approved pH that will not streak with proper rinsing. Safe on painted and unpainted surfaces.

FLIGHT DECK is formulated with corrosion inhibitors that fight corrosion on all types of metal surfaces. Effective on salt coated areas and stable in hard water.

  • FLIGHT DECK is a non toxic cleaner with a pleasant, mild pine odor
  • FLIGHT DECK dilution rate of 60:1 gives you the economy you are looking for.
  • Because FLIGHT DECK is biodegradable, it can be used anywhere in all types of machinery and equipment.
  • FLIGHT DECK can be used in high water temperatures (218F) or in cold water, has good hard water tolerance, and has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years.
  • FLIGHT DECK can be used in all types of machines, pressure washers, foaming pots, buckets with brushes, hand pads, in hot or cold water .
  • FLIGHT DECK is free rinsing and non streaking, it washes away quickly and leaves no film or residue.
  • Because FLIGHT DECK conforms to all military and civil air standards, it has to and does contain all the corrosion inhibitors and additives that will protect your aircraft metal surfaces long after washing has been completed.
  • Because FLIGHT DECK has a controlled pH factor and contains no aromatic solvents, it is considered to be safe with polyimide wiring, painted and unpainted surfaces , acrylic and other areas which other cleaners might damage.
  • FLIGHT DECK was also designed to be used on salt coated surfaces, exhaust trails, loose carbon, fingerprints, rubber marks, grease, hydraulic oil, bugs and air pollutants.


1. Naval Air Development MIL-C-85570D Conformed
2. A.P. Air  cleaning test Superior Cleaning
3. Effective in pressure washer 60:1 cleaning test Superior Cleaning
4. Effective in Foaming Pots 20:1 cleaning test Superior Cleaning
5. Compatible with aircraft cleaning machines cleaning test Superior performance
6. Free Rinsing & non Streaking cleaning test Superior results
7. No lumps or Skins to plug washers cleaning test None
8. Toxicity cleaning test no danger
9. pH -No less than 7, no greater than 9 cleaning test pH- 8.30
10. Viscosity MIL-C-85570D Slightly Viscous
11. Biodegradability MIL-C-85570D Conformed
12. Flash Point MIL-C-85570D MIL-C-85570D Non-flammable
13. Total immersion Corrosion in dilution MIL-C-85570D Conformed
14. Compositional assurance MIL-C-85570D Conformed
15. Sandwich Corrosion MIL-C-85570D Conformed
16. Total immersion corrosion MIL-C-85570D Conformed
17. Hydrogen Embrittlement MIL-C-85570D Conformed
18. Effect on painted surfaces MIL-C-85570D Conformed
19. Effect on unpainted surfaces MIL-C-85570D Conformed
20. Effect on salt coated MIL-C-85570D Conformed
21. Effect on Acrylic Plastics MIL-C-85570D Conformed
22. Effect on Polyimide Wire MIL-C-85570D Conformed
23. Abrasiveness MIL-C-85570D Conformed
24. Accelerated storage ability MIL-C-85570D Conformed
25. Low Temperature Stability MIL-C-85570D Conformed
26. Hard water stability type I&II only MIL-C-85570D Conformed
27. Storage Stability MIL-C-85570D Conformed
28. Foaming Properties MIL-C-85570D Conformed
29. Carbonaceous Soil removal  MIL-C-85570D Conformed
30. Cleaning Efficiency MIL-C-85570D Conformed



1. Cleaning efficiency Highest Standard
2. Carbonaceous Soil Removal  Excellent
3. Hard water Stability  Excellent
4. Storage Stability  Excellent
5. Foaming Properties  Good
6. Hydrogen embrittlement Conformed
7. Paint softening Conformed
8. Acrylic crazing Conformed
9. Sandwich corrosion Conformed



1. pH  7.0 - 9.0
2. Free rinsing  Superior results
3. Toxicity No Danger
4. Flash Point Conformed
5. Effect on painted surfaces Conformed
6. Residue Test  Conformed
7. Sandwich corrosion Conformed
8. Stress crazing test on acrylic plastic Conformed
9. Cadmium removal test Conformed
10. Hydrogen embrittlement Conformed
11. Compatible with aircraft cleaning machine Superior Performance
12. Biodegradable Meets all standards