JMN Specialties has "The Chemical Solution" for your problem.

Browse through our extensive online catalog of our Chemical Solution products for Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and anything that needs cleaning or protection.

WELCOME to JMN Specialties, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of custom formulated specialty chemicals in the Gulf South. We specialize in biodegradable cleaners, however, we manufacture chemicals for almost every industry. If you have a problem that needs a high performance “Chemical Solution”, you’ve come to the right place!

NEED HELP? If you know specifically which product or what type of product you need, you can go directly to our catalog and make your selection. We can provide Product Bulletins via e-mail or fax, and technical assistance to determine what product will solve your problem. If you cannot find the correct product or just want to ask someone a question, give us a call; someone from the lab will be glad to answer your question.

We offer everything from application techniques and equipment to our field proven formulas, and a no nonsense product guarantee: If the product you select does not solve your problem, call us and we will exchange it for another product. Let JMN Specialties, Inc. custom tailor a “Chemical Solution” for you.

Hundreds of our products are listed on this website that represent years of field proven success. Each section contains products specific to that field, however, some products are listed in several sections due to their multi-functionality.

Not all products we produce are listed in our catalog.

Our total line encompasses a tremendous amount of products and product applications. The selection of products listed in this catalog characterizes those that have been field proven and tested by our harshest critic; our customers.

Our total formulary contains over 12,000 different products.