JMN Specialties, Inc. strives to be the most dependable supplier of high-quality goods and services for our important constituencies. The following four statements describe the company's commitments now and for the next millennium:


JMN Specialties, Inc. is a profitable, professional, responsible, growth-oriented, customer-driven team that supplies high-quality products and services while maintaining sensitivity to our employees and the community.


JMN Specialties, Inc. is dedicated to achieving mutually profitable relationships with our customers and suppliers by providing quality products and services, on time and consistently, and by remaining constantly aware of changing customer needs.


At JMN Specialties, Inc., employees are our most valuable asset. We are committed to hiring, training, developing and rewarding people who are enthusiastic, intelligent, hardworking team players dedicated to the company's success.


JMN Specialties, Inc. is an active and responsible member of the communities in which we operate. We obey all laws and regulations governing our operations and work in a manner that ensures the safety of our employees, our communities, and our environment.