QUICK SPLIT 12 - Low-Foaming Water-Based Oil Splitting Degreaser

General Description

QUICK SPLIT 12 is a blend of water based surfactants, water based solvents, and alkaline detergents, specifically formulated to clean oily deposits from hard surfaces. QUICK SPLIT 12 is blended specifically for cleaning applications where the waste stream must pass though passive or active oil water separators. QUICK SPLIT 12 will temporarily trap the oily waste in the water during the cleaning process and will quickly split, thus allowing for complete separation of the oily waste from the water solution in the downstream processing equipment.
At normal surfactant use dilutions, QUICK SPLIT 12is low- foaming. It is the ideal product for cleaning systems that require low foaming detergents. QUICK SPLIT 12will add wetting and detergency. It is an oil splitting detergent (it will not tend to emulsify soils).

For cleaning applications requiring some foam and a tolerance for a slower splitting speed, QUICK SPLIT is a suggested product.


QUICK SPLIT 12 can be applied by almost any means including mops, rags or spray equipment. Allow solutions to penetrate deposits before rinsing. Do not allow cleaning solutions to dry on surfaces before hosing.


QUICK SPLIT 12 is a concentrated cleaner and should be diluted for best results:

Heavy 1 part QUICK SPLIT 12 2 parts water
Medium 1 part QUICK SPLIT 12 5 parts water
Light 4 oz. QUICK SPLIT 12 1 gallon water


QUICK SPLIT 12 is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

uses include: cleaning

  pdf Quick Split 12 PB (24 KB)

  pdf QUICK SPLIT 12 SDS (207 KB)