Rust/Metal Treatment

General Description

NO-RUST is a fast-acting, acid-type compound that neutralizes alkaline residues. Through chemical action, NO-RUST changes rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate, an inert, hard, usually gray surface that provides a perfect base for most paints.



NO-RUST is an excellent metal treatment and rust remover, as well as a good brightener for copper, brass and aluminum. Rusty metal or new metal treated with NO-RUST provide a tenacious phosphate-film on the metal as an unexcelled base for most paints.

  • Brush away or chip-off loose rust and scale.
  • Brush or spray NO-RUST on metal. Allow 1 to 8 hours for complete chemical reaction. (Time will vary depending on the condition of the metal surface.)
  • Repeat if any rust remains untreated. Allow to dry between painting.


NO-RUST is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.


  pdf NO-RUST-PB (38 KB)

  pdf NO RUST SDS (217 KB)