General Description

DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE is designed for use in pipeline hydro-test and flooding applications. In addition, DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE is ideal for sewer line tracing and a myriad of leak detection studies such as storage tanks, cooling towers and to gauge the infiltration of soil with waste waters from industrial sources. DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE is formulated to provide maximum solubility in fresh or salt water. This dye can be detected by the eye in open lakes or seawater as a marker buoy in concentrations of one part per million. In actual practice, it is suggested that tracings start with ten parts per million liquid, so to allow for dilution factors, wave action, etc. DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE in the dry powder form is dark red/orange. When contacted with water and dispersed the water becomes fluorescence yellow in hue with a distinctive characteristic green fluorescence. Detection via black light is between 489 and 490 nanometers.



DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE, when used in diving operations, can be placed into spool pieces prior to insertion sub sea. The dye then dissolves once water fills the spool piece. It is recommended that D-TEK DYE STICKS be used in underwater applications as they are provided in individual water tight zippered bags protect the stick so divers can submerge and insert into the line via a flange. For surface applications, the powder can be placed into equipment being tested for leaks. The short dissolving time helps reduce time spent in timing flowing and circulation applications. For large applications, DYESPEC TRACER DYE LIQUID may be more and efficient. Call the JMN SPECIALTIES, INC. sales representative for details.

  2,500 334 19 ounces
  10,000 1,336 76 ounces
  20,000 2,672 152 ounces (9.50 pounds)
  80,000 10,688 608 ounces (38.00 pounds)
  100,000 13,361 760 ounces (47.50 pounds)

* When using in underwater pipeline applications place 2-3 sticks inside each flange to be tested.
This will ensure a strong concentration of dye at each flange.

Physical Properties

Form Redish / Brown Powder
Flash point None
Weight, Dye only 1.1 - 1.2
Solubility Complete in fresh or salt water


DYE SPEC GREEN P TRACER DYE is supplied in DOT approved containers.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.