Biodegradable Moderate pH Degreaser

General Description

DG-37 is a blend of surfactants and water-based solvents specially formulated to melt away oily deposits from hard surfaces without using alkaline builders.


DG-37 can be diluted or used as is for quick results. Dilution rates vary depending on cleaning difficulty.

Heavy 1 : 1 - 1 : 5
Medium 1 : 5 - 1 : 10
Light 1 : 10 - 1 : 20

Always spot test painted surfaces prior to wide spread application. DG-37 can be sprayed, brushed or poured onto surfaces to be cleaned.

Physical Properties

Color Blue
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity 1.019
pH 7.1
Flash Point None (open cup)


DG-37 is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

uses include: