Biodegradable Water-Based Bilge Cleaner/Dispersant

General Description

DG-155CBX is an excellent biodegradable, water based cleaner with aggressive detergency action for high performance cleaning of oil and grease in typical marine bilges and heavy industrial equipment cleaning applications. DG-155CBX is excellent as a bilge cleaner and dispersant when added directly to the bilge and drip pan. Motion of the vessel will effectively clean and disperse engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and grease drippings.


For heavy application dilute 1 : 1 to 1 : 5
For medium application dilute 1 : 5 to 1 : 10
For light applications dilute 1 : 20 to 1 : 50
For pressure washing & steam cleaning dilute 1 : 20 to 1 : 50

Physical Properties

Appearance Red Liquid
pH < 12.0
Boiling Point 212° F
Specific Gravity 1.01


DG-155CBX is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

aka:DG155CBX, DG155-CBX, Bilge Cleaner
uses include: