General Description

CARBON OFF is a blend of surfactants, water based solvents, alkaline detergents, and derusters specifically formulated to melt away oily deposits from hard surfaces. CARBON OFF has proven to be exceptionally effective in the removal of carbon deposits commonly found on engine pistons and heads.



CARBON OFF can be diluted or used as is for quick results. Dilution rates vary depending on cleaning difficulty. CARBON OFF can be sprayed or poured on surfaces to be cleaned. Allow ample time for the product to penetrate soils, scrub any stubborn areas, then rinse with hot or cold water.

  • Heavy jobs: 1 : 1 - 1 : 5
  • Medium jobs: 1 : 5 - 1 : 10
  • Light job: 1 : 10 - 1 : 20

Physical Properties

Color Purple
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity 1.85
Flash Point None (open cup)



CARBON OFF is available in UN approved 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning label on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply.

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