General Description

ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER is a specialized, heavy alkaline, liquid cleaning formula specifically designed to remove burned oil, carbon black, tars and residues, heavy grease lube and transmission oil from concrete surfaces. ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER was formulated specifically for use on concrete and hard, non-painted surfaces. ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER penetrates and dissolves residues. This powerful compound may be harmful to most paints and aluminum.



ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER is applied most effectively by a pressure sprayer (garden type), but may be brushed or poured onto the surface. Allow a few minutes for penetration, then hose off with water pressure. Extremely heavy deposits may require two or more hours for penetration before hosing.

Physical Properties

Color Purple
Odor Mild
Density 8.6 lbs./gallon
pH 13.8
Flash Point Not Flammable


For heavy cleaning, ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER should be applied undiluted. For other applications not requiring full strength, dilute with clean water. Dilutions may vary from 1 : 1 to as much as 1 : 8 depending on the surface condition.


ALKALINE CONCRETE CLEANER is available in UN approved 55 gallon drums and bulk quantities.


Observe warning labels on containers. Normal precautions for industrial chemicals apply. Product freezes at temperatures below 50 F. If product freezes, warm to room temperature (above 70 F) and mix until uniform. Avoid contact with product to unprotected skin or eyes. Read MSDS for proper safety and handling directions.

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